Opportunities to Serve 

Healthy Relationships and Church Family Life 

  • Call/write a note/email folks who you haven't seen in a while to let them know you care
  • Send folks birthday or anniversary greetings (birthday and anniversaries are listed in the newsletter each month)
  • Offer to bring a meal to someone who is on the prayer list
  • Offer respite care to families who are caring for an elderly parent
  • Offer to babysit for young families
  • Pray for our congregation, leadership and ministry
  • Think about offering a ride to those who may not like to drive at night or who don't drive.


Service to Others and Outreach 

  • Connect with one of our partners in ministry by serving on their board or supporting them independently (e.g., FAM, Habitat for Humanity, etc.)
  • Spread the news of our social outreach events to others.
  • Pray for the last, the least and forgotten
  • Attend the Social Concerns Committee meeting and become a part of a project
  • Collect food for FAM
  • Pull weeds on the church grounds 


Learning and Teaching 

  • Volunteer to be a playground monitor at our School
  • Support Vacation Bible School as a helper, planner or leader
  • Participate in the Wednesday night programming by helping with meals, clean up,  or the children's program
  • Become a Sunday School teacher
  • Volunteer to help tutor in your area of expertise
  • Start an in-home Bible study 


Worship Life 

  • Volunteer to read, be an usher, be a greeter, serve refreshment or serve Holy Communion
  • Keep your eyes open and jump in and help when help is needed
  • Help with the seasonal decorations
  • Sign up on the flower chart
  • Help others worship by joining altar guild which takes care of setting up Holy Communion and keeping our worship space orderly.
  • When you see the dirty linen basket full, take it home, wash and return the items
  • Sing with the choir seasonally or all the time
  • Ring in the Handbell Choir
  • Help with moving the bell equipment after services when they perform