Our Beliefs


The Basics
God the Son

We believe that God became human in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. God did this out of divine love. Jesus Christ's life, death, and resurrection express that love for us. Because Christ gave his life for us, our relationship to God is restored. We are saved by God's gracious love. This reality stands at the center of our faith.

God the Father
We believe that this entire universe is the fruit of God's imaginative and loving heart. God continues to cherish and care for all people and for all of creation. God longs to see the universe in harmony.

Holy Spirit
We believe that God is present and active in our world, in our congregation, and in our individual lives through the Spirit. The Spirit activates and enlivens our faith and creates the Church that is the body of Christ.

One God
We believe in one God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is one in power and purpose and love. Along with the community of believers since the time of Christ, we continue to experience God as creator, savior and sanctifier.

The Bible
We believe that the Bible, both the Old and the New Testament, contains the Word of God and is a faithful guides in all matters of faith and life. In and through our personal reading and community study of the Bible, in and through Bible-based preaching, the Holy Spirit continues to make Christ real and active in our lives.

Holy Baptism

We believe that God acts through water and the Word to make us part of the divine family. In Baptism we are claimed and named and given the power to act and live as children of God.

Holy Communion
We believe that in, with, and under the bread and wine of Holy Communion, Christ's presence is made real through His body and blood. When we celebrate this meal, Christ's love and forgiveness are given personally to each one of us.

We believe that to trust in Christ is to follow Christ. To follow Christ is to love the world sacrificially, to serve others joyfully, and to proclaim the Gospel boldly to all peoples.

"Lutheran" Christians
We believe that all those who claim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are part of the one Christian Church. The name "Lutheran" refers to our historical roots in the efforts of Martin Luther to reform the Church in the 16th Century. Lutherans are one of the largest mainline Christian denominations in the United States. Lutheran Christians have a unique identity that is rooted in the Lutheran Confessions, writings which help Lutherans understand how it is that God is at work in our lives, and which serves as an anchor to keep us firmly in Christ. The most famous of these writings is Martin Luther’s Small Catechism.